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    This Topic covers various aspects of paranormal research from a scientific point of view. It is unlike most other such sites you may have visited. It does not include a lot of fuzzy pictures, hard to hear audio recordings, and alleged spirit communication. Instead its purpose is to provide a reference souce for those wishing to actually find answers and cut through much of the hype and other wild ideas circulating in the field today.

    The best place to begin is the "Questions Answered" topic; It's been called the FAQ Page Of The Paranormal, covering many topics of interest. Whether you are a seasoned investigator or someone with a casual interest there is something there for you. Click the Tab on the left to begin your query. And feel free to submit your own questions or comments. With your permission they could become a part of the archive!

    Have you experienced something you feel may be paranormal in nature? If so, I want to hear from you! As an investigator I conduct scientific research into these events. To start this process click the "Submit a Sighting" tab.    Follow the on screen instructions to file your report.    I will respond to all submissions.
    Confidentiality is assured!    Your submission is never made available to anyone without your permission!
    There is NEVER a charge, nor do I accept donations, for any investigation.

    Since the field covers a wide area from ghosts and haunting to UFOs and aliens to Bigfoot and other Cryptids, the methods of investigating each may vary considerably. To allow for this I have divided the page into sections related to each. Choose your primary area of interest from the menu buttons on the left. Each will open a subsection with similar menu choices. But the content will be adjusted as it relates to investigating that particular area.

    Attention Other Investigators! I also conduct scientific review of certain evidence you may collected. Click the "Evidence Submission" button for details on submitting evidence for that process.

    DESTINATIONS supports the free exchange of ideas and knowledge to promote advancement in the field of Paranormal research. Scroll on down for some links to other sites which share in these values and have in some way aided DESTINATIONS in its endeavor. And if you would like to share in the link exchange program you may Click here for details then simply contact me to make application.

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