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    DESTINATIONS is a personal website consisting of several integrated sites within.   Each covers a specific area of interest and is navigated as though they were separate websites in their own right.    All pages provide a button in the top left corner which will allow you to contact me should you have any questions about the information provided.

    Each Topic will provide a Gold colored "Main Home" Button at the top of the Navigation Bar on the left which will return you to this page should you wish to explore another DESTINATION.

    Pages within each Topic also provide a gold "Topic Home" button on the Navigation Bar which will return you to the Introductory Page of that particular Topic.    Blue Buttons below these allow for navigation within each topic, their function is as stated on each.

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About the DESTINATIONS Website     

    Technology does not stand still. This version of DESTINATIONS has been updated to include new information on several topics as advances are made. Other pages have been removed since they were under utilized. It all fits with the intent of this site; to provide information in as simple of a manner as possible. This allows pages to load quickly and also be compatible over the many operating systems in use today.

    DESTINATIONS is hand coded and uses basic HTML for most pages. It is set up for a screen resolution of 768 x 1024.

    Linking Information for DESTINATIONS

    The DESTINATIONS Websites provide reciprocal links to most websites who provide a link to this page. This site is intended for all ages; sites which provide adult content will not be considered, nor will any site that promotes any unlawful activity. If you encounter one of the links listed which is allowing uncontrolled access to this type of material please notify me using the "Contact Me" button and it will be removed.

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    Your link will remain active as long as the reciprocal link is active. Sites which change URL or have inactive links will be removed from DESTINATIONS.

    Please note the following regarding banners:

      Banner files must be no larger than 50 K to reduce load times. Minimal animation is permitted provided the entire banner file size remains under this limit.

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      If you do not have a banner and wish to provide a link, a standard text link back may be used instead of a banner. Those sites providing only a text link to DESTINATIONS will receive a text link back to their site.

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    Any questions, simply use the "Contact Me" button at the Top of this page.

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