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    DESTINATIONS is a personal website consisting of three integrated sites. Each covers a specific area of interest and is navigated as though they were separate websites in their own right. All main pages provide a "Contact"button which will allow you to E-mail me should you have any questions about the information provided.

    Each Topic will provide a Gold colored "Home Page" Button on the Navigation Bar to the left which will return you to this page should you wish to explore another DESTINATION.

    Pages within each Topic include a Gold "Index" button on its Navigation Bar which will return you to the Introductory Page of that particular Topic.    Blue Buttons below these will allow you to navigate within each topic, their function is stated on each page.

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About the DESTINATIONS Website     

    Technology does not stand still. This version of DESTINATIONS has been updated to include new information on several topics as advances are made in those areas.. Other pages have been removed since they were being under utilized. It all fits with the intent of this site; to provide information in as simple of a manner as possible. This allows pages to load quickly and also be compatible over the many operating systems in use today.

    If you encounter any problems utilizing this site, please use the "Contact Me" option to notify me of the problem

    Please note: DESTINATIONS is no longer providing general links to other websites due to the ongoing issue of sites becoming inactive or switching to social media platforms. Any websites linked from here are sites which I personally have connections with and have been verified as valid links in their respective areas. If you feel your site might provide additional information related to any topic discussed here, you may contact me and I will evaluate your contribution.

    DESTINATIONS is hand coded and uses basic HTML for most pages. It is set up for a screen resolution of 768 x 1024.

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