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    This is the departure point for your journey through this website. A brief introduction....

    DESTINATIONS is a personal website consisting of several integrated sites within. Each covers a specific area of interest and is navigated as though they were separate websites in their own right. Each provides a link in the top left corner which will return you here should you wish to explore another DESTINATION.

    The Signpost on the left provides your link to the DESTINATION of your choice. Click your choice to begin your journey. Once you arrive at your Destination it will be replaced by a menu of options available on that page.

    Are you willing to link your page to DESTINATIONS? If so contact me and let me know. In exchange I will provide a reciprocal link back to your page. Click here for details on requirements.. Reciprocal links will be placed on the appropriate DESTINATION based on content.

    Enjoy your visit and Thank You for stopping by DESTINATIONS!

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A few pages utilize frames, and some javascript is used on them as well. Most are very basic in order to simplify the browsing experience. If you
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